It’s only Camila Prada but I like it…

Meet Camila Prada:


One of my friends introduced me to this lady on Facebook ( and I was instantly smitten with her characterful ceramics.

cp range

Camila has won many awards for her ceramics that she hand makes in the UK. She is passionate about her work and about keeping it all in house. I love to see phrases like ‘sweatshop free’ and ‘British heritage manufacturing’ on her website. it makes me glad to see someone keeping alive the tradition of ceramics that once made Britain great. Clappison would be proud.

cp panda

I was drawn to the cute characters and the vaguely 70s motifs that Camila uses and I immediately demanded, I mean requested, a Camila original from the Dr for my birthday. We had a few postal hiccups (not Camila’s fault) along the way but she was great at communicating and I finally got my cup and tray.


I was most pleased with my new buddy and found lots of uses for her!

Trinket traygreen tea

I think Camila’s designs could work in a contemporary or a retro inspired home and I definitely intend to test that theory by purchasing more of her designs. In fact – and in some ways I don’t want to share this with you in case you get in before I do –  tomorrow she’s holding a seconds sale from 9am. I will be sitting at my laptop with my credit card poised! The Mid Century Modern inspired living room I dream of needs a little Panda nestling on the bookshelf.

cp 2nd sale

It is with panda-envy I say:

It’s only vintage but I like it!


It’s only a Bespoke Dress but I like it…

I have a dream people.

I’ve had it for some time. In fact ever since I saw this on Pinterest:


A little bit of detective work took me to But Naughty Shorts hasn’t blogged in a couple of years so I’ve no idea if she’s still making her amazing dresses from old sheets!

I love these old sheet patterns, they remind me of the kind of bedding my Grandad had when I was little. I love the idea of having a bespoke dress made for me – especially one made from 70s bedding!

Now, somewhere along the line I have discovered a seamstress in my area. I’ve been following her for sometime on Facebook and I am confident she is the lady to realise my dream.

After a little bit of eBay searching I discovered a brand new, old, duvet cover in this amazing pink pattern. It cost me just 20 British Pounds and I cannot wait to have it transformed into some super chic summer wear! I was so excited when it arrived I may have stripped down to my undies and wrapped it around me. Please look away if you are of a nervous disposition!


I promise selfies in my scanties will not be a regular feature on my blog, but I felt it illustrated just how excited I am about this project! I will keep you updated – I hope to meet mystery dress maker lady and handover the fabric soon. I will be documenting the process on here.

It is with an excited squeal I say:

It’s only vintage but I like it!