It’s only Camila Prada but I like it…

Meet Camila Prada:


One of my friends introduced me to this lady on Facebook ( and I was instantly smitten with her characterful ceramics.

cp range

Camila has won many awards for her ceramics that she hand makes in the UK. She is passionate about her work and about keeping it all in house. I love to see phrases like ‘sweatshop free’ and ‘British heritage manufacturing’ on her website. it makes me glad to see someone keeping alive the tradition of ceramics that once made Britain great. Clappison would be proud.

cp panda

I was drawn to the cute characters and the vaguely 70s motifs that Camila uses and I immediately demanded, I mean requested, a Camila original from the Dr for my birthday. We had a few postal hiccups (not Camila’s fault) along the way but she was great at communicating and I finally got my cup and tray.


I was most pleased with my new buddy and found lots of uses for her!

Trinket traygreen tea

I think Camila’s designs could work in a contemporary or a retro inspired home and I definitely intend to test that theory by purchasing more of her designs. In fact – and in some ways I don’t want to share this with you in case you get in before I do –  tomorrow she’s holding a seconds sale from 9am. I will be sitting at my laptop with my credit card poised! The Mid Century Modern inspired living room I dream of needs a little Panda nestling on the bookshelf.

cp 2nd sale

It is with panda-envy I say:

It’s only vintage but I like it!


It’s only a Charity Shop but I like it…

Had a quick whizz around the Southampton town centre shops today and was very pleased with my finds.
This large vacuum flask was in great condition and I love the little Good Housekeeping Institute logo! I nearly put it back on the shelf due to lack of space in my kitchen but it’s exactly the kind of thing I scour charity shops trying to find so walking away without it would have been a travesty!


I also spied this Meakin serving dish. I do love these patterns! This china was so prevalent in the homes of my Mum’s friends when I was growing up it makes me feel cosy.



It is with a one-bed-flat bulging at the seams I say:
It’s only vintage but I like it!

It’s only a Charity shop but I like it…

Today I finally got round to scouting out the charity shops in the bit of Southampton I work in. I take a bus into this part of town and have been seeing the charity shops everyday on my way in and out, but of course I am always at work during opening hours. We were in that part of town to view some houses and so afterwards I had a little tour and I was pleasantly surprised by the range of vintage homeware I found. I had to limit myself, as I don’t want to buy lots until we move, but I could definitely have bought more.

My finds were these beauties:


That background is a double sized candy striped sheet. I’m in love with it, I think it’d make a really cute summer dress… Just £2.50.

The beetroot pot is spectacularly ugly, I know, but I still adore it. I already own a celery man, apple man and an onion man. Now I have completed the set for £2.00.


As you may remember those bubble vases are a favourite of mine and at 99p this one had to come home with me. It now resides with it’s older sibling.


The little silver vase was an impulse. It’s marked ‘silver plated’ on the bottom and for a pound I thought it might look cute somewhere.

I’m impressed with what I found and there was lots more to be had. I just need to find the house to put it all in!

It is with a house-hungry stare I say:

It’s only vintage but I like it!

It’s only bedding but I like it…

I popped into ASDA today to buy some stewing steak. I had promised the Dr a steak and kidney pie (I had to cut up kidneys, I am a vegetarian) so I grabbed thyme, parsley and stewing steak – all the ingredients I hadn’t garnered earlier in the week. As I was making my way to the till my eye was caught by this cute Spring themed duvet cover.


I remembered a blog post by about a Christmas pin up girl duvet cover. I think MrsJMP mentioned that one too.


I decided I needed to check out the bedding in more detail and was quickly pulled in by this lovely teal 1940s style beauty.

imageI can’t find any images of this one online, but I love it! I purchased it even though I have no room to store any more bedding and we have yet to purchase a house! I think it’s a winner and a quick Google shows there have been some other great vintage themed bedding recently. I’m not going to unpack it, but stow it away with several other recent purchases, until we move. It will be a nice addition to the new bed we treat ourselves to.


Retro Chick has this Sailor Girl one, and I must admit I’m tempted!


I think they’re incredibly cute and would bring a smile to my face every time I stepped into my boudoir. I don’t think the Dr would disapprove of scantily clad ladies in the bedroom either. My advice is to get to your nearest ASDA and check out their range – or look online

It is with a vision of a future bedroom I say:

It’s only vintage but it like it!

*I paid for the items included in this vintage adventure and the opinions expressed are all my own!*

It’s only Mid-Century Modern but I like it…

The big news is that the Dr and I are looking for a house. I’ve been wanting my own house since even before I moved out of my parental home. If I’d had a bottom drawer it’d be stuffed full of pretties by now. After years of rented properties with nasty wallpaper, dingy rooms and dubiously stained carpets I’m looking forward to somewhere I can make my own.

I’ve given some thought to how I’d like it to be, and exactly which eras will inspire each space. I have found Pinterest to be my best friend here! For the uninitiated, it’s a virtual pin board, where you can search for millions of existing images or add your own. You can view my boards here:

After stumbling across MissWestEndGirl’s blog ( I decided that she had cemented what I wanted when I saw her lovely living room. After some googling and Pinteresting I could put a name to my style. Apparently the living room I desire is Mid Century Modern.

This is the kind of thing I’m thinking:




I love the colour palette, the clean lines and the wood framed furniture. Of course, who knows what our house will be like? It could have a large Victorian fireplaces, or (God forbid) be some new build with no soul. It might not work at all and all my twitchy-fingered Pinteresting will be a waste. Until then, I can dream. Dream, and spend hours looking for big square sofas. It keeps me happy!

It is with twitchy fingers I say:

Its only vintage but I like it!

It’s only a vintage gift but I like it…

Just a quick one today… because it’s my birthday tomorrow! I’m not big on birthdays – it’s a terrible time of year to have one so I’m spending it quietly this year as I often do.

I’m focusing on a vintage gift I received. I think it’s important to make the distinction between retro (imitative of a style or fashion from the recent past) and vintage (denoting something from the past of high quality, especially something representing the best of its kind). I’m a lover of both and there are times where, for functionality, I will go retro rather than vintage. For instance I bought a retro radio a few years ago, because, although I love the stylings of vintage radios, you cannot receive FM or of course Digital.


This gift was put in my stocking by my Mum and it’s in near perfect condition. I love the design on the top and it’s beautifully stamped out and the colours are very vivid. It has ‘Huntley and Palmer’s Biscuits’ ( stamped onto the bottom and a quick Google actually turned up a few surprises. I assumed Huntley and Palmers were no more, but their website shows they are definitely still trading and have a lovely range of products. I’m sure I remember them being mentioned in a Nigel Slater documentary about biscuits that I watched this time last year.


Originally a Quaker company, Huntley and Palmer began trading in 1822 in Reading. There follows a long and illustrious biscuity career which includes the invention of the Nice biscuit and the packaging boon that was the biscuit tin. Now, I have a penchant for many vintage items, but the biscuit tin is definitely pretty high up there, so I feel indebted to H&P for that alone. The Nice biscuit, if I am honest, I could love without… My Mum has a few biscuit tins from when I was little that are so nostalgic for me, and every Christmas I wander into M&S to check out their range of lovely tins.

Do have a look at the Huntley and Palmers website, they now focus on high end products and I’m definitely going to be having a look next Christmas for gifts to send to relatives. They also stock a lovely range of tins – time to start making my own biscuit tin memories?

Anyway, this was meant to be a quick post but I got drawn in by the history and by looking at other, much older, vintage tins from Huntley and Palmer!

I’m going to use my tin to store and tidy up my ever expanding range of hair accoutrement!

It is with a biscuit craving I say:
It’s only vintage but I like it!

*All views expressed are my own!*

It’s only Beryl Ware but I like it…

I have so much to tell you! I’ve had a lovely Christmas and a wedding since I last blogged. I’ve been presented with vintage and retro gifts galore, been sales shopping and lots more besides! It’s really difficult to know what to blog about first but I’m going to try and be vaguely chronological…

Dr P had ordered something online a few days before Christmas. I know this because as I walked through the door one crisp evening he was chuntering away about it not arriving in time and how he’d have to save it for my birthday instead. Then, fast forward a few days and a large box arrived in the post, which he took off to the bedroom to examine. I tried various things to sneak into the room: shouting “I need to come in and do my hair!” and “Oh look, a huge pie!” didn’t work and he eventually caved and said – given that he had no idea how he’d wrap it  – I could open it then and there.

It was a little bran tub of delights! I delved into the shredded paper and discovered these vintage beauties:


He has been taking note of my blog, I think you’ll agree! My very own Woods Beryl Ware teapot, milk jug and cup and saucer. I’m totally in love and they’re a brilliant match for my Gordon Ramsay Royal Doulton crockery that I bought in the summer. Now I own some, I think I’ll have to start collecting. I’ve already had a look on eBay and fallen in love with a cake stand.

The giant bourbon biscuit there was a present from It’s from WoodPaperScissors ( and I absolutely love it! Can’t wait to have a friend round for a cuppa and serve some biscuits on it…

It is with a thirsty look I say:

It’s only vintage but I like it!