It’s only a Milk Bottle but I like it…

I know I have mentioned sister-in-law-to-be Elin on my blog before. She helped me review the Bourbon Biscuit Chocolate Spread but declined to be photographed.

So I spied this photo of her and some friends (Elin on the right) on Facebook sometime in the New Year and immediately posted on it how amazing it looked and how I loved those vintage milk bottles and she must take me there. Because I am like that. I am wont to enthuse madly and make demands of people. It’s what I do. And milkshake served in a vintage bottle – what’s not to like?


As a child we lived way to far out in the sticks to be visited by a milkman. He’d have had to navigate several fields, a dirt track, a hill and some straggly sheep. Wales is just like that. I do however, remember my Auntie who lived in a nearby village getting milk and orange juice from the milk man. I used to pass the full ( or empty, depending on the time of day) bottles as I crossed her threshold. I loved the adverts, the colours and designs. They’re very evocative of childhood as I remember the products and advertising campaigns vividly.



A few years ago I discovered someone on eBay selling lots of them and, feeling too guilty to buy myself one, I purchased one for my then squeeze. It was dropped by said beau less that 24 hrs later on our front step where it smashed to smithereens. They do say there’s a reason why each past partner is now an ex (it’s not actually the milk bottle but I still wonder if it was a contributing factor…).


So imagine my surprise when, I opened an unexpected package to find this bad boy.


What a little stunner! Sister-in-law-to-be-Elin had taken note of my demands and purchased my bottle. I feel the beginnings of a collection coming on.


It is with a yearning for eBay I say:
It’s only vintage but I like it…


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