It’s only a Bespoke Dress but I like it…

Today I met up with the lovely Ali from Shake your Tush ( ) to discuss my dress!

We met in Ikea and I was able to hand over the lovely 70s duvet cover I bought off eBay. It was an amazing find as it’s never been used and the colours are as bright as the day it was made!


 Here’s a blurry photo of me wrapped up in it, in case you’d forgotten!

i also handed over my candy striped sheet. Again, fab condition and just £2.50. I’d love a dress in that material! So perfect.


We discussed the style of dress and Ali had brought several patterns with her to show me her ideas. She sent me away with a list of measurements and we agreed on a date of completion. Now I just have to wait patiently! I am told I’m a patient person although I feel this will definitely test that opinion!

It is with an impatient sideways glance I say:

It’s only vintage but I like it!


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