It’s only a Patch but I like it…

When I was little I used to love picking through my Mum’s sewing box. It contained lots of odd things: a wooden darning ‘mushroom’, a felt book of needles that she made at school, cotton reels of every colour, patches of material and various other implements. My Mum patched up our jeans and sewed up holes in our jumpers. She didn’t, as I imagine my Gran did, darn our socks. Although I expect she could if the need arose.

When it comes to sewing I don’t really have any idea what I’m doing. I just kind of make it up as I go along believing that I am now too long in the tooth to learn how to do any of it properly. I look at projects and try to guess how it might have been done and proceed in that manner. I used to read a lot of craft magazines and websites so I have some point, through a process of osmosis, observed how to do various little jobs.

So, when I developed a hole in my rather cheap H&M cardigan I knew I wanted to have a go at repairing it. I am thrifty at heart and although I probably only paid a tenner for it, I didn’t feel ready to let it go yet.

I’m really not calling this a tutorial, if anything, I’m showing you how I did it and I’d advise actually looking it up and finding out how to do it properly.

I started by sewing up the hole by just starting at one end and stitching,  pulling it together. It’s not neat, but it’s a fix I’ve used before, and if you get a good colour match when you choose your cotton it’s not that noticeable and it’ll last for ages.


Next I grabbed an odd bit of fabric. I have next to no craft supplies at this point in time – this was actually on the lid of some homemade cookies one of my class made me at Christmas. I couldn’t bear to throw it away so I stashed it in a drawer.


I cut out a little heart shape, immediately regretted it, but couldn’t think of anything easier to sew around so went with it.


I’ll admit to this first try being a disaster! I stupidly thought I could start to stitch straight on to the heart but it frayed and I had to unpick the first few stitches. This time I folded the edges over and then spent ages sewing around the edge. I think it’s called overlocking. But that might be wrong.


So there it is, my little heart patch. Far from perfect but I wore my newly customised cardi to work today and it made me smile every time I caught sight of it.


It is with a cotton customised cardi I say:

It’s only vintage but I like it!


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