It’s only Flotography but I like it…

I shared my wet set with you, and trying some vintage hair styles was one of my aims for the new year. Another aim, and something I think many bloggers must think about, was to improve my photography skills. I was trying to think who I could turn to for some help and the first name that popped into my head was of course Flora Westbrook ( ). Flo is an old friend of my sister’s and I met her last summer when she did a fantastic job of photographing her wedding.


I asked Flo if she would spend a couple of hours with me, showing me how to use my DSLR camera and giving me some tips for different ways to photograph – from still life type photos (photographing my vintage baking for instance) and of course, learning how to photograph my outfits. Or at least to tell Dr P how to photograph me in my outfits!

So I slipped on my Lindy Bop dress ( ) and Flo took me out and about near her lovely home and took some lovely images of me. She then showed me the software she uses to edit and gave me quick tour of how to use it.


As as you can see Flo takes a great portrait and this was just one of many she took that were fab. She has given me lots of ideas and strongly encouraged me to develop my own style. I am so impatient for this! I know it will take time and it’s going to be months before I have any idea how to use my newly purchased Photoshop software but I’m so excited to try and look forward to all the little triumphs along the way. So, if anyone fancies modelling while I take some (fairly terrible) shots – let me know!

Please check out Flo’s site and look out for her on my blog again as we have plans to collaborate soon!

It is with a cry of ‘CHEESE!’ I say:

It’s only vintage but I like it!


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